The greatest competitive weapon a great business has, is its team members.   To keep your edge in the marketplace, your team will need on-going training; and not the chalk and talk kind that you get from traditional programs.   As your training partner, we offer a fresh approach to coaching with hands on learning with exercises and tools, that will equip your team to grow, increase their collaboration and advance their leadership growth.

The Leadership Experience

Where have all the leaders gone?  Henry J. Kaiser said, “You seldom accomplish very much by yourself. You must get the assistance of others.”    At Leaders Pathway, you get to learn how to influence, impact and ignite others through a hands-on interactive real-life experience.  This experience provides you key-takeaways that you can apply immediately to build your leadership style.

Here is a ‘real’ look into experiencing the leader in you: LEAD – Look, Envision, Apply and Deliver

  1. Look beyond yourself
  2. Envision the new you
  3. Apply learning’s to action
  4. Deliver on your style

In this practical highly interactive experience, we will facilitate a step-by-step simulation where you experience leadership with other leaders.  You will look beyond your own leadership traits, see the leader you can be, apply the learnings immediately for action and consistently deliver on the leader you were born to be.

These sessions are highly interactive.  Participants are constantly engaged during the session in large group or small group activity. This high level of interaction increases focus, buy-in and learning transfer.

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Training Workshops

We believe in the power of learning by doing.  Our Certified Trainer and DISC Instructor, can help you deliver key messages, new ideas, and facilitate in-house customized sessions based on your unique needs.   Today is the day for you to begin leveraging your strengths and the strengths of your teams.  We focus on helping you clear a path to success through the strengths already within your organization.

Workshops include: 

    1. Harmonizing your communication skills – communicate for success, words, verbal, non-verbal and more
    2. Building your marketing plans – taking action to reach your customers with relevant messages
    3. Unleashing your strengths – finding the power within you and use it for good
    4. Navigating conflict, difficult conversations and soft stuff – leveraging the power of positive relationships
    5. Coaching others for success – leading from within
    6. Dare to Lead; Leadership steps for growth – discover your leadership gold
    7. Branding You Inc.… personal branding that identifies who you are and who you want to be
    8. Building High Performing Teams – winning is a team sport
    9. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – Complimentary Session (based on the book by John C. Maxwell, my Leadership Mentor)
    10. Living the 15 Laws of Personal Growth – moving goal-minded to growth-minded
    11. Moving Your Dreams into Reality – don’t just dream it, achieve it
    12. Who Moved the Cheese and Crackers – stay hungry and change
    13. Change comes with Choices – embrace the newest
    14. Negotiating in Conflict Resolution – everyone wins
    15. Great Leaders as Great Questions – building the leader in you
    16. Tailor your unique workshop needs (that means we deliver what you want)

    “Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”
    Ann Voskamp

Customized training workshops available upon request.  All workshop training can be delivered in person or virtually.

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DISC Assessment Tool

Highly interactive sessions of engagement is what to expect with Take Flight DISC Assessment and Training.  First we Take Off with an assessment of your DISC Profile.  What’s DISC?  It’s that behavioral profile tool that’s been around for over 100 years.  It’s that well documented and highly valued tool that helps teach you about your personality, why you behave the way you do.

We take all the learnings from your behavior profile and train you in how to leverage what’s working, how to communicate to others with different styles and how to change areas you want to improve upon.   You learn the DISC model, sure every DISC trainer will teach that, but as a Certified DISC Instructor,  we will personally, help you create new behaviors that will help you build stronger relationships and deliver stronger results.

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360 Leadership Assessment 

Chart your course: 360 Degree Assessment ToolsThis comprehensive assessment tool will tell you a lot about yourself, but it will also tell you how others are experiencing you as a Leader.

Built on a solid foundation of validated research this is the tool used in conjunction with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.  You are getting the top of the line insight with bottom line results including:

  1. One-on-one personalized debriefs
  2. Results on the surface and well underneath the surface.
  3. Insight into how to use what you now know
  4. Personalize Leadership Development Plan (LDP)
  5. And the Test Results too

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Branding Workshop

Who’s managing the brand?   If branding is the expression of the truth, the promise or value your business is delivering, then who’s managing that experience?   You can have a beautifully visually designed brand and still have a poorly branded business.   What’s your Brand Differentiator?  Your People!

Branding is not what you say but what others say.   Get your teams to live your brand and be the Brilliant Brand Ambassadors.

Answer this question: “Why has McDonald’s consistently been able to out compete Burger King?”  After all, they both sell hamburgers, fries and pop.   They both have corner drive through locations, in fact most of the time, right across from each other.   They both have red coloring in their brand logo, they both have characters that represent the brand, for McDonald’s its Ronald (the clown) and for Burger King, well, it’s the King himself.   So, what’s the difference between these two brands?

The answer is: “Burger King sells a product, but McDonald’s sells an experience.”  It’s that emotional bond that McDonald’s brand delivers to young children that, even once they are grown adults, they still stay loyal.   Emotional bonds are hard to break and this is what Great Brand Strategies deliver.  An Emotional Bond!

So, what does fast food have to do with your business brand?  Well, how does 27 billion dollars’ sound?  That’s the bottom-line difference in 2012 between these two brands.  Two brands selling pretty much that same stuff to the same type of people, with one worth billions of dollars more!  It’s big and this makes branding huge!

Who’s selling pretty much the same products and services that you are?   What’s the brand difference?   What’s the bottom-line difference?

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