Have you heard the term – Think Tank before?  If you have, similar to most people, it probably means a lot of different things to different people.  For our purposes, we are talking about the collective thinking of a group of people who are paid to think.  With the instant gratification world, we live in, most people find themselves saying, ‘I don’t have time to think.”  If that is you, my Leader friend, you and your business are in immediate need of a Think Tank.

The term “Think Tank,” has also been known as a “reflection pool.”  It’s that closer look on a particular problem or task, with the end in mind of what is the best resolution.  It’s comprised of a group of focused individuals investing time in a thinking process for in-depth consideration of issues and challenges that can better be solved beyond one individual person or program or department.

In this safe environment, participants learn to question the question itself.  Restated, the in-depth process goes beyond “how” to “why” and beyond “what” to “what if.”  Great Leaders know that running a business; big or small is beyond them.  It’s the power of the collective thinking and their willingness to sacrifice quick, fast solutions in favor or longer-term benefits and visionary ideas to build upon.

“Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.”

The Think Tank process endeavors to step beyond practical needs of the business to ensure the future of the business.  In “The Tipping Point,” by Malcolm Gladwell, three types of leaders are described:

  1. The salesmen
  2. The connectors
  3. The mavens

It’s a tough job, it’s a vitally important job and somebody’s got to do it!

Great Leaders who aspire to start Think Tanks understand the values of them are mavens and idea champions.  They want to challenge the status quo, advance the business and build upon their growth.  Are you restless and know that something has to change for your business to move forward?  Then it’s time to Think!

Our approach to Think Tanks takes a different approach than the traditional research; dot com or innovation lab structure.  As a business owner myself, I regard Think Tanks as principally in the business of generating and selling ideas.


Do I need a Think Tank?  Here are some questions to help you answer your question:

  1. Are you in need of new ideas?
  2. Do you have an idea and need help getting it off the ground?
  3. Do you have complex challenges that need new thinking?
  4. Are you trying to solve new problems with old thinking?
  5. Are you a Small Business trying to get Big?
  6. Are you losing traction in your market?
  7. Is the competition eating your lunch and moving in on dinner?
  8. Do you wish you had a business expert to Coach you, as needed?
  9. Do you have… wait… (You will need to hire me to get the question for this one)

It’s time to Think!

“Velma is truly an out of the box thinker and provided great insights into some of the challenging problems we faced. Velma is and will be a great asset to the organization.” – Mayur Sedani, Senior Data Scientist.

As your subject matter expert, Business Coach and Think Tank Facilitator, I will guide you and your team of selected Thinkers on a fun and focused full day session of Power Thinking.  For one minute, Think – Shark Tank.  Well, maybe not as intense, but just as valuable, you will experience a taste of the following typical session (we reserve the right to make changes necessary to meet the specific individual needs of each of our clients):

  • Kick off morning session (what to expect)
  • Interactive panel session (role playing time)
  • Break
  • The Pitch (idea, questions, advice)
    • Got a new idea
    • Got a new lingering problem
    • Need a new benefit to offer
    • Need more Current business issue
    • …something else that we should put on the table
  • Lunch and networking
  • Breakout sessions focused on Thinking Specifics – this intimate setting will provide all participants with the chance to interact, support, collaborate and share insights on the thinking process around:
    • SWAT
    • PESTS
    • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Break
  • Wrap up session
    • Action Plans
    • Next Steps

This is sure to be a fun and enlightening session. This package would be valued well over $10k by most business-consulting firms.  It’s a power pack of collective thinking in a focused fashion.  This is not for the faint at heart, but if you are ready to breakout of the day to day, this is a fun, intense, rewarding investment with participants expecting to be:

  • Mentally challenge
  • Develop holistic thinking patterns
  • Emotionally involved
  • Consciousness raising
  • Shift in focus/new approaches/fresh perspectives
  • Creative ideas
  • New and better questions and problem statements
  • Support and understanding of colleagues
  • Renewal and rededication

Think you are ready for a Think Tank… then, suspend judgment, be willing to think, seek to understand than to be understood, share knowledge, challenge respectfully, support and have fun!

So, let’s get started.  Just schedule a time with me, click the button, and you will be set for a Complimentary half hour Think Tank Plan Session with me.  Not someone of my team, with me personally.  But before you go ahead, there are 3 things I need to make sure you are aware of:

  1. You will be included in an exclusive circle of business leaders and entrepreneurs who receive advanced thinking solutions from me, personally, on a regular basis.
  2. I never exchange, sell, share or rent any of your details – never – ever. Not to anyone at any time. It’s not negotiable.
  3. You have nothing to lose. If you receive no value from me, none at all, you can simply reverse your decision at any time and you’ve lost nothing.

So, go ahead, schedule your Complimentary half hour session now and get working on achieving results today.

We’ll always get back to you within one business day.