The Importance of Strategic Planning

You cannot overstate the value of Strategic Planning.  It consistently ranks as the #1 business management tool for its frequency of use and its effectiveness in producing positive results.

The Importance of Strategy PlanningMove away from the same old plan, doing things the same way, using the same old thinking.   An organization fit for the future requires a large group of inspired leaders, because individuals who can envision bold new alternatives to the status quo lead the charge for new and innovative strategies.

Since we at Leaders Pathway heartily believe in the importance of Strategic Planning we facilitate a 1 or 2-day workshop to help leaders imagine and design new and innovative approaches. As a result they learn to create strategy, allocate resources, harness talent, evaluate performance, build teams and exercise control.

4 Building Blocks for Strategic Planning

  1. Today’s Challenge: Your Limiting Beliefs: following others won’t make you a leader. It makes you a good follower.  In today’s marketplace, business leaders need to lead. Most managers believe they cannot control their environments, but through this proven process, your managers raise their leadership lid and change their thinking.
  2. Embrace Your Problems:  In business, problems are your opportunities in disguise.  Problems also present new ways of doing business.  Turning your problems beyond opportunities and into solutions will help you grow your business.  Thought Leaders embrace problems and find new ways to drive results, that’s where we come in to help you transform problems into opportunities.
  3. Leverage the Collective Talent (C-Talent): No longer can the traditional C-Suite set the plan, define the actions and chart the course of a business.  It takes the collective buy-in from all to steer the ship.  Tomorrow’s Leaders are demanding that they play a bigger role in the direction of the business, and that is a good thing.  Winning in Today’s market means achieving complete team buy-in.  Now is the time to understand how to build your strategy from the bottom-up.
  4. Catalyst for Change: Change for the sake of change is not change – it’s reacting. Since constant is change; strategic planning helps organizations move away from the no longer acceptable status quo. So change your thinking and you change your life, your business and your results.  Therefore your should begin today by being the champion for change, remove barriers to innovation, raise engagement levels, accelerate growth, and adopt a mindset for the new, new.

Innovation is a part of Strategic Planning

Innovation is still “bolted on” rather than “baked in”.  At Leaders Pathway, we facilitate business retreats and planning sessions to build out quarterly, yearly and multi-year plans for business growth and operational excellence working with you and your teams.

“Velma is a dedicated marketing professional with excellent marketing and strategic planning skills. Her hands-on experience and good working relationships with all the different stakeholders within the company made her a very valuable marketing professional…” – Johann Scheving, Digital Marketer, Lead Generation

What’s Next?

So, let’s get started.  Just share your details below, click the button, and you will be set for an individualized planning proposal.  I will personally build your proposal, not someone on my team, me, personally.  But before you go ahead, there are 3 things I need to make sure you are aware of:

  1. You will be working with someone who has developed successful strategic planning workshops for other business leaders like yourself.
  2. I never exchange, sell, share or rent any of your details – never – Not to anyone at any time. It’s not negotiable.
  3. You have nothing to lose. If you receive no value from my proposal, none at all, you can simply reverse to accept our offer to help at any time and you’ve lost nothing.

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