Velma will transform your events:

Speaking by using the aid of storytelling, exercises/activities in addition to a few other trade secrets,   She is committed to inspire your attendees to reach their goals and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. Participants feel energized and armed with actionable learnings.  So now it’s time to clear a path to success.

All presentations can be customized to fit your individual or team need and budget.  Audience sizes include from thousands of attendees to intimate single digit teams.

“Velma’s dynamic, motivating, and encouraging presentation captured and motivated the attendees.  Velma’s detailed presentation allowed the attendees to start using the “personal branding” tools immediately. I would highly recommend Velma Knowles for any speaking opportunity.’

– Theresa Stacy, Professional Recruiter

Key Note

As a Certified Marketer, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Velma offers rich content with no fluff. Velma brings actionable ideas and passionate energy to every speaking engagement.  Since Velma has delivered inspiring and engaging as well as informational talks both nationally and internationally, she can bring excitement into your next event.  Her personal and conversational style is sure to leave your audience filled with a renewed sense of inspiration and also make it a memorable experience. And there is no shortage of laughs and humorous moments as well because learning should be fun after all!

Velma has been a key Note Speaker for a variety of audiences, from Board of Directors to Elementary School Students.  Any presentation can be customized to fit your individual or team need and also budget.  No audience size is too big or too small.

Popular topics that are most requested include:
  1. Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?  Learn the 4 Communication Preferences
  2. Are You The Valuable Leader? 7 Steps to Greater Growth, Value and Influence
  3. Will The Real ME, Please Stand Up?  Finding My Personal Brand And Living It Out
  4. Are You Now The Marketer Too? Learning My A.B.C.’s of Marketing For Growth
  5. Kick Procrastination into Productivity
  6. Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Use Too? Getting My Members To Renew Again
  7. How to Grow Your Membership from the Inside Out?  Leveraging the Power of Your People, Processes and Promotions



Conference planners face the challenge of finding the best seminar leader for their participants today.  Its critical to have a good fit because this one key component helps achieve the greatest success.   As a Leader, you need to keep the ship on course, you need to chart the next journey and you need to avoid becoming shipwrecked.   With Leaders Pathway, you don’t have to travel this course alone.   So as your guide and hands-on partner, we work with you, uncover what your participants are seeking and deliver for your success.

As your Seminar Leader we have a proven 7 step system to Collaborate for Success:

  1. Conduct a Needs Assessment and then focus on the specific business content needed.
  2. Create your agenda, outline goals, identify key issues and training opportunities.
  3. Communicate pre-work needed to ensure interactive participation and teamwork during the retreat session.
  4. Collaborate to ensure a win-win-win result and therefore focus on areas that will move you forward.
  5. Change the critical areas and then move to a new direction and priority.
  6. Conflict resolution that seizes the opportunities and then agree to disagree.
  7. Commitment for ongoing success and accountability.

Accelerate your results. Show real change, stronger interpersonal relationships and a deeper level of commitment.


Executive and
Corporate Retreats

All companies thrive when the leadership team is unified. To help C-Suite Leaders achieve this reality, we offer hands on facilitation and thought leadership exercises for senior executives and management teams.   In addition one of the real values Leaders Pathway brings is that of an outsider’s perspective.   We bring first-hand expertise thus ensuring full collaboration and contribution and cohesive thinking, all critical to your business success.

Professionally facilitated in a single day or multi-day session, we help you clear a pathway to success.

Executive Retreats: Everyone Wins Approach

  1. Engage first on the participants: Gain insight into the communication preferences with the Lead DISC Assessment because everything hinges on communication
  2. Evolve next to the business: Begin with a thorough Needs Assessment; what do you want to accomplish?
  3. Equip your team with pre-work exercises while gathering input and maximizing the time and individual contributions.
  4. Energize your executive team to be more fully aligned and focused on the right priorities
  5. Empower the team through a higher level of trust, openness and commitment to one another.
  6. Establish a final action plan process and optional onsite follow up to ensure actionable takeaways.



Your conference attendees are looking for great value.  They want to learn new and applicable ideas so they can put them into action immediately.  At Leaders Pathway, we design all our workshops to include an action plan that each participant will complete before they leave the workshop.    This action alone helps to deliver great value so that they can implement on the job the next day.

Some of our most popular educational topics include:
  • Living the 15 Laws of Personal Growth: moving from goal-minded to growth-minded
  • Moving Your Dreams into Reality: don’t just dream it, achieve it
  • Who Moved the Cheese and Crackers: stay hungry and change
  • Change comes with Choices: embrace the new
  • Negotiating in Conflict Resolution: everyone wins
  • Great Leaders ask Great Questions: build the leader in you

Tailor your unique workshop needs (and therefore we deliver what you want)


We deliver customized presentations for Lunch and Learns (30 minutes to one-hour presentations).  We also offer Half or full day Workshops and Seminars, One or two full day Summits and Retreats or Conferences and Team Meetings.

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