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Velma will transform your events

Speaking by using the aid of storytelling, exercises/activities in addition to a few other trade secrets,   She is committed to inspire your attendees to reach their goals and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. Participants feel energized and armed with actionable learnings.

All presentations can be customized to fit your individual or team need and budget.  Audience sizes include from thousands of attendees to intimate single digit teams.

“Velma’s dynamic, motivating, and encouraging presentation captured and motivated the attendees.  Velma’s detailed presentation allowed the attendees to start using the “personal branding” tools immediately. I would highly recommend Velma Knowles for any speaking opportunity.’

– Theresa Stacy, Professional Recruiter



“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”

― Ann Voskamp

Engaging and equipping your employees is vital to your success, Our proven training technique will help you grow your team to their full potential with practical tools and training specifically designed to the needs of your company culture.  We believe the greatest competitive weapon a great business has, is its team members.

To keep your edge in the marketplace, your team will need on-going training; and not the chalk and talk kind that you get from traditional programs.

As your training partner, we offer a fresh approach to training with hands on learning with exercises and tools, that will equip and grow your team, increase their collaboration and advance their leadership growth.


Velma Coaching


As a Certified Coach, we help Executive Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Teams and Employees, like you, succeed.

Personal Coaching from Leaders Pathway is designed with you in mind and focuses on leveraging your strengths, embracing your weaknesses and identifying your purpose.

As your Personal Coach and Mentor, here are 5 benefits we know will help you right now:

  1. Clarity of vision
  2. Commitment to growth
  3. Greater productivity – greater profits
  4. Leadership development
  5. Identification of purpose



We work with you and your teams to help you maximize collaboration and productivity in your marketing, business operations, customer service, sales and membership growth areas. Our areas of specialty include:

Marketing and Sales Strategies: Having your marketing and sales teams aligned helps to ensure long-term success.   We work with you to create your Marketing Strategy so that your business has all the pieces and parts to meet your customer growth goals.

Strategic Planning: At Leaders Pathway we heartily believe in the importance of Strategic Planning. We facilitate a 1 or 2-day workshop to help leaders, like you, imagine and design new and innovative approaches to success.   As a result, you will deliver a strategic plan that allocate resources, harness talent, evaluates performance, builds teams and exercises control.

Association Growth Strategies: Memberships are the lifeblood of any Association and never before have Associations, rich in so much history, been faced with so much disruption.   At Leaders Pathway, we know membership!  We have been helping associations across the US and Internationally, build and retain their membership bases for the past 20 years. We have a proven blueprint that can help you consecutively grow membership, year-over-year, through known winning strategies and tactics


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