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The most effective speeches leave a profound and persistent impact on the listener

Velma builds keynote presentations that address the common challenges many organizations face when they seek to resolve matters of staff engagement, collaboration, conflict and productivity. All four challenges represent obstacles to growth, and employee and client satisfaction.

She customizes her keynotes to address any or all these challenges:

  • How to retain the valuable employee or engage the disengaged team member
  • How to renew the spirit and value of collaboration to create a vibrant team that respects each other’s contributions
  • How to identify and remove the conflict from a team that inhibits progress and forward movement
  • How to show employees that their contributions and productivity are essential to the organization’s success

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Directed training equips leaders to overcome issues that stifle growth

Velma designs training programs that address the custom needs of leaders and staff members. Her training programs focus on giving leaders tools and proven techniques to learn:

  • How to get “unstuck” from the daily quicksand of duties and pursue your higher purpose as a leader
  • How to achieve higher engagement levels among team members
  • How to promote collaborative thinking to achieve new and innovative approaches to problem-solving
  • How to overcome internal conflict through more effective communications
  • How to identify new processes that lead to greater productivity


A great coach helps people apply and calibrate what they learned during training

Velma understands that training alone provides no guarantee of meaningful results. Sometimes, a certified coach is needed to help reinforce and amplify the principles the principles of training. Her customized coaching helps leaders:

  • Sharpen the clarity of their vision for success
  • Validate and adjust their approaches to fostering higher engagement, collaboration and productivity
  • Reduce internal friction caused by conflict
  • Build mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships with teams and clients

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Consulting provides both an unbiased diagnosis of problem symptoms and a path to resolution and recovery

Velma consults with leaders to help them identify issues that most often impede organizations from achieving their strategic objectives. Her diagnostic approach visits all the key parts of an enterprise that collectively drive or inhibit growth – employee engagement, collaboration, conflict and productivity.

A consultation session with Velma helps you treat the pains that afflict your organizational mobility, planning, marketing, brand awareness and operations: The outcome of her consultations helps you:

  • Identify the factors that are really holding you back from leading your market
  • Determine the proper sales and marketing strategy that best enables you to connect with your target audience
  • Design a strategic plan that reconciles your aspirations with your capabilities
  • Create ways to inspire and motivate your team to execute and deliver on your mission

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