By: Velma Knowles

To improve our relationships, we need to connect more with others. Every Leader, regardless of where they are on the path to growth, can do these 5 simple steps and connect more with others.

1. Find Common Ground – if we look closely, we will uncover things that we share in common with others. People like people to like them. It’s a need to belong. We want to be around people who like us. The best way to connect with others is to be likable and find what’s similar, what you have in common.

2. Share a Compliment – flattery is worth its weight in gold. Everyone wants everyone to say nice things about them. We can all find the nuggets of positive things to say, even if it’s only one thing. Just as we enjoy receiving compliments, we should learn to give them. Say something nice, it’s a nice thing to do.

3. Admit when you are Wrong – people like you for your accomplishments, but they love you for your mistakes. We have all heard the saying that confession is good for the soul. It’s true and it’s also the right thing to do. Admitting your wrong say’s, you are human. Don’t be afraid to say you are not perfect. Be honest.

4. Smile more often – a smile in any language means that I like you. Smiling is good for your emotions as well. It helps you feel better about yourself and life. We want to be with happy people. They make us feel happy, so return the favor. Be a happy person to be around and smile often.

5. Listen with an ear to Understand – hearing and listening are not the same. Listening means you are interested in what others are saying. We want people to listen to what we are saying. To connect more with people, listen without interruption, always seek first to understand others and then for others to understand you

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About Velma Knowles

Velma is the real deal. Not one for long boring introductions, so let me sum up her value in just a few words:

With over 20 years experience Velma has provided training from the classroom to the boardroom, including serving in both Marketing and Membership roles for a 56 million-member organization.

Originally from The Bahamas, Velma is an International Speaker and Published Author. Velma has presented for organizations in Australia, Canada, the US and throughout the Caribbean.

She is a Certified Marketing Executive, Speaker, Coach and Trainer; a student of Leadership, Communication, and Personal Growth and an Entrepreneur, Traveler, Bird Watcher, Photographer, Woman of Faith, and Friend.

Bottom line:Velma will inspire you for action! Her goal is to help you BE MORE, DO MORE and ACHIEVE MORE, because she believes you deserve – IMMEASURABLY more.
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