Assessments: DISC, 360 Degree, Strengths and More

We don’t know what we don’t know.  But, we can find out what we don’t know by leveraging powerful professional development assessment tools.  Assesment tools help you build self-awareness and interpersonal development, team interaction and application.  There are very interactive, fun and provide eye-opening insight to help us see blind spots, see strengths, see areas for development and areas for appreciation.  Appreciation of ourselves and others.

Coach John Wooden reminders us that: “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal experience.”

At Leaders Pathway, I use a number of key assessment tools to help you gain new insights into your teams, your peers, your colleagues and yourself.

Let’s Take Flight with DISC Assessment.

Highly inactive sessions of engagement is what to expect with Take Flight DISC Assessment and Training.  First we Take Off with an assessment of your DISC Profile.  What’s DISC?  It’s that behavioral profile tool that’s been around for over 100 years.  It’s that well documented and highly valued tool that helps teach you about your personality, why you behave the way you do.

Here’s what’s in it for you.  We take all the learnings from your behavior profile and train you in how to leverage what’s working, how to communicate to others with different styles and how to change areas you want to improve upon.  You learn the DISC model, sure every DISC trainer will teach that, but as a Certified DISC Instructor, I will personally, help you create new behaviors that will help you build stronger relationships and deliver stronger results.

Yes, all of that is for you, your professional development.

Then here’s where you get two for the price of one.

What about others?  Your peers, your colleagues, your teams?  If you change, if you are better but everything else and everyone else stays the same, what’s changed?  You have the opportunity to make BIG change.  BIG positive change.  A BIG return on your investment!

I’ve heard about DISC before how is this different?

Our training is highly engaging, full of fun, insight and some birds.  Yep, birds!  Did I mention that am an avid birdwatcher?  Well, here is what’s in it for you.  No more letters!  After all you and your employees are not letters of the alphabetic.  Who want to be a “D” or an “I” or an “S” or a “C”?  Not me and surely not you or your employees.   At Leaders Pathway, we use birds!

Our Taking Flight with DISC program targets understanding your skills and creates learnings in the development of new skills.  Together, we will focus on application of the learnings, not on a model.  We will Take Flight and build upon the key skills needed by all employees to increase results.  Key skills like:

  1. communicating,
  2. listening
  3. providing feedback
  4. managing stress
  5. dealing with change
  6. managing time

By building on existing knowledge, together our interactive training will use a brain-friendly approach to learning that makes new insights immediately accessible the moment they are needed.  There’s an expression in neuroscience, what wires together fires together. The Taking Flight with DISC session wires DISC to existing knowledge and thus it fires at just the right time.

In addition to all the key skills mentioned above, I will provide you and each member of your team the opportunity for one-on-one personalized Coaching Sessions to help you as you earn your wings.  With over 20,000 people having Takin Flight with this leading DISC training program, for more than two decades, you can be assured that you are not flying with any turkeys here.   It’s time to take off and soar!

So, let’s get started.

You and your team will work directly with me.  Not someone of my team, with me personally.  But before you go ahead, there are 3 things I need to make sure you are aware of:

  1. You will be providing you and your team with personalized, development training with advanced thinking solutions from me, personally, on a regular basis.
  2. I never exchange, sell, share or rent any of your details – never – Not to anyone at any time. It’s not negotiable.
  3. You have nothing to lose, and if you don’t see any value in my proposal, no value at all, you can simply change your mind and do nothing else.

Share your details below, click on the button now and get working on earning your wings today.


Let’s chart your course with 360 Assessment:

Chart your course: 360 Degree Assessment ToolsFor Leaders, I conduct a 360 Degree Leadership Assessment.  Sure, you get the test results but with me, you will get more.  Here’s the more:

  1. Test results (yeah)
  2. One-on-one personalized debriefs
  3. Results on the surface and well underneath the surface.
  4. Probing question time to better understand how to use what you now know
  5. Leadership Development Plan (LDP) which helps you:
    • build upon your strengths
    • change perspectives of others
    • capitalize on your opportunities
    • appreciate the different qualities of others
    • one-on-one personalized coaching sessions for daily results

“Velma is process focused and results driven. Seeks to provide clarity and a higher level of services in every project and company initiative she drives.” – Maurice Sanders, Marketing Executive – NRG Group

This comprehensive assessment tool will tell you a lot about yourself.  Yes, but it will also tell you how others are experiencing you as a Leader.  Are you truly the Leader you believe you are and the Leader you want to be known as?  Built on a solid foundation of validated research this is the tool used in conjunction with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.  You are getting the top of the line insight with bottom line results.

Within just ten minutes we can learn what is will take to help you improve your leadership intelligence and become an effective 360° leader.

Here’s what you will get from the report:
  1. Measurements on 64 leadership attributes all about you.
  2. Feedback compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report for a quick read.
  3. Leadership attributes summary listing the items ranked from highest to lowest based on overall average score.
  4. Unlimited number of raters and you get to select who they are.
  5. Written comments from your raters listed in an unedited form just what they said.
  6. Category scores based on the 5 Levels of Leadership
    • Position Leadership
    • Permission Leadership
    • Production Leadership
    • People Development Leadership
    • Pinnacle Leadership

But wait there is more!

Knowing yourself is first, after all we all what to know about ourselves.  But knowing how to engage with others is equally important.  This is where actions meet results!

Appreciating others is critical to our success.  You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.  Who are you surrounded by?  You know the wise saying:  Its hard to sore like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.”

Well, there is a lot we can learn about others from birds.  And at the same time, we can learn a little bit more about ourselves.  Sounds like a real deal to me.  Two for the price of one!


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