Valuable Leaders

We all want to be valued and leaders are no exception.  Leaders Pathway understands the importance of being a Valuable Leader.  Discover your hidden leadership value, grow yourself and your team, and achieve results that are invaluable.   

What Leaders Are Saying.

“Velma did a great job in running our Leadership Workshop we recently completed.  I was so impressed with her preparation and research ahead of time and she did a wonderful job presenting and facilitating discussions during the program  Velma is a pro and it shows through in all that she did leading up and during our workshop”

Frank Rudd
President & CEO
Florida Society of Association Executives

“Velma is a dynamic speaker who led a leadership summit for our organization. She was able to keep our entire group engaged while thoughtfully challenging things that may have been holding us back. I would highly recommend Velma to any organization who is looking to take their leadership to the next level!”

Ashley A McCollum
Founder & CEO of Rediscovered Moments Concierge
Chair, Young Leaders Alliance
(Division of Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance)

“Velma has been an invaluable coach, consultant & facilitator for a group looking to collaborate on growing our membership clubs. She brought the right mix of her own expertise, drawing out best practices from the participants and challenging us to work on the most important objectives. We accomplished a lot more than we thought we could thanks to Velma.”

Harry Thomas,
VP & Chief Marketing Officer
AAA Washington

How We Add Value


People are in search of something to believe in. Your boards, leadership team, staff, partners and customers or members, all want a memorable experience when they attend meetings, conferences, retreats, workshops, and events. With the aid of storytelling, exercises/activities and a few other trade secrets, we will transform your events. As your voice of reason, we are committed to inspire your attendees to reach their goals and leave with a renewed sense of purpose, energized for action and armed with actionable learnings..


Every leader needs a strong wingman…or woman. Managing your brand both on and off-line is serious business which requires on-going focus.  Building your business takes a solid plan, and as your problem solver, we will help guide you and your team through your business planning process with insight and market direction. We will come alongside you to forge forward with a solid foundation, a growth-mindset and a team spirit that drives real business growth and champions new strategies


Just like every successful player has a coach, successful leaders focus on professional development. Your career requires you to seize the opportunity to raise your leadership potential.  To take your business to the next level, you need to take yourself there first. You need to assess your skills, adopt new ones and maximize all available resources and expand your influence and achieve personal growth. At Leaders Pathway, we understand that Leadership is a journey, we understand how to guide you on the right path, and we understand what it takes to keep you performing at your BEST.


The greatest competitive weapon a great business has, is its team members. To keep your edge in the marketplace, your team will need on-going training; and not the chalk and talk kind that you get from traditional programs. As your training partner, we offer a fresh approach to coaching with hands on learning with exercises and tools, that will equip your team to grow, increase their collaboration and advance their leadership growth.  We offer personality profile and leadership attribute measurements with DISC and 360 assessments.

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