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Inspiring onsite workshops and interactive keynote presentations

✔  Engage and equip your employees to achieve better results everyday

✔ Overcome obstacles that keep your team from reaching their full potential

✔ Discover simple strategies to increase productivity and reduce conflict

Equip Your Team for High Performance

Engaging and equipping your employees is vital to your success, but growing your team to their full potential can be difficult without practical tools and training specifically designed to the needs of your company culture.

We believe that employees who enjoy working with their team are employees who are productive.

Overcome Obstacles with Engaging Team Training

Our founder Velma Knowles brings 20 years experience to her customized onsite interactive workshops and keynote presentations, which help organizations overcome the hurdles that are keeping their teams from reaching their full potential.

Our Energetic Workshops & Interactive Keynotes


What Overdue Project?  Kick Your Procrastination Into Productivity

The Valuable Leader

Are You The Valuable Leader? 7 Steps to Greater Growth, Value and Influence


Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?  Learn the 4 Communication Preferences


I See What You Said

How to Book A Keynote or Workshop

We’ll work with your organization to improve communication, reduce conflict and increase productivity:


Let’s talk and determine which workshop or keynote presentation is the best for your company or upcoming conference.


Every business is different. We’ll work with you to adapt our engaging workshops to your unique needs.

Experience Growth

Our workshops and keynotes are proven to increase your team’s collaboration and productivity.

John Maxwell Team


7 Steps You Can Take To  Leadership Growth

Learn the Seven Steps you can take today to Achieve Greater Growth, Value and Influence.
Enrich your Life and Increase you Value.

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Grow Your Team to Their Full Potential


The issues your organization is facing don’t have to inhibit growth,
or leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.
Partner with Leaders Pathway today to equip your employees,
grow your company and be a leader that others want to follow.